1. Setting Up Bills

How do I Set up Billson XBP International?

You will need to use the Username and the Password you provided during the registration to access your XBP International Account. You set up your bills using “Set up” under “Bill” menu

What do I need to set up my Billings?

You need the most recent bill from your service providers to set-up bills on XBP International. The information required are: the name of the Service Provider, Your Reference number with the service provider, Purpose of payment, the Amount, Bill Due Date, and select the recurring period.

How many Bills can I set up?

You can set up as many bills as possible provided

2. Security

How is my privacy protected when using XBP International?

XBP International website is fully secured. The communication between your device and our host account is encrypted and also with site lock.

Kindly note that you have the primary responsibility of protecting your privacy while using XBP International. However, we have multi-level security checks available while you are using the service. When resetting your password, your reset password is sent directly to your secured email address that was used during the sign-up processes

3. Product Features & Benefits

Why XBP International?

XBP International is a web-based bills manager designed to ensure Users are able to arrange their bill payments schedule to when users expect paycheck/inflow or most cash is available. This ensures Users DO NOT MISS bill payments.

How does it work?

Users are to open a free XBP International Account, set up the bills stating the service provider, bill amount, next payment due date, reminders and User’s designated internet banking URL. The system generates daily email notifications based on the number of days selected on the reminders.

What are the benefits?

Here below are some of the great benefits of using XBP International to manage your bills:

  • No more late payment penalties and other fees.
  • Regular bill payments improve your credit rating/score with your service provider
  • Manage all bills from One-Web Page
  • No More excess or incidental charges on account
  • You earn referral fee inviting families and friends to subscribe to XBP International
  • No Set up cost
  • Convenient and easy to use.

4. How do I manage My Account?

You can manage your account using “Upcoming” under the “Bill” menu. Here, you will be able to Pay, update, Pause/Resume or Delete a bill.

5. Plan Bill Payments

How do I use “Plan Bill Payments”?

Plan Bill Payments is a tool in XBP International that enables users to arrange bill payment to when users expect paycheck/inflow or to when most cash would be available.

Plan Bill Payments is divided into Bills Due and Amount due. If Users observe that funds would not be available to cover amount due, users would contact the service providers or bill collections and use the updates button in Bills due to reset the bills due date.

6. Making Bill Payments

To pay bills, Users only need to click on Pay button to make payment through the designated bank account.

7. Save More on Bill Payments

How does XBP International “Save More” Works?

XBP International Save More is a referral program designed for existing Users to earn commission for inviting families and friends to use to XBP International to manage their bills.

How do I monitor My Commission?

You can monitor your referral fee using Commission Earned. The amount is disbursed to Users when it reaches CAD 50.00

How do I Access My XBP International “Save More” Account?

Your XBP International “Save More” is located on the tab menu when you log in to your XBP International Account

How do I Invite Families and Friends?

All you need to do is to go to “Earn Commission” under “Save More” menu and type the EMAIL address of the individuals you intend to invite and click send.

How do I monitor the status of the Individuals you invited?

You can monitor the status of the Invites using “My Pipeline” under the Save More menu

8. General

What are the charges for using XBP International?

You use XBP International for free for 30days after which Monthly Fee of CAD 5.00 or Annual Fee of CAD 50.00 would be charged to your Debit/Credit or PayPal account depending on the plan selected during sign-up.

9. Subscription Plan

Can I Change from Monthly Plan to Annual Plan or Vice Versa?

XBP International has no provision for switching of plan for now.

How is XBP International different from other applications?

XBP International is designed for users to enable users arrange bill payments to when the users expect paycheck/inflow or when cash would be available. This is different from other applications that are designed to make bill payments only. Research has shown that the reason for paying late payment penalties and fees is not because there is no bill payments method but because the Users were not prepared for the bill payments.

The focal point of XBP International is to prepare Users for bill payments. Users would found Plan Bill Payments tool in the app very useful.




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