Express Canada (Ca) Corp is a Canadian Corporation incorporated to provide finance and insurance services. Our bespoke financial and insurance products are designed to meet the needs of the contemporary Canada.

Our aim is to leverage on enhanced technology to deliver products and services to our selected esteemed clientele while ensuring that our innovative products and services deliver the best value in the market.

Our activities are conducted online. We save a lot of money by operating online rather than opening stores all over Ontario. The savings are passed on to our members and clients in form of low cost of doing business with us and competitive fees. You’ll find us more pleasant and friendly when compared to our peers in the industry.

Our distinct vision. We want to serve as a bridge from financial servitude to financial freedom. The services we provide are here to help make financial decisions easier. This is the foundation of our corporate culture.

Optimised business processes. Our unique business model is hinged on efficiency and effectiveness. Our services processes are well optimised to reduce redundancy, gap or weakness so our members and clients are well served on time and in time. 


Credit Shield™ is a convenient and great way to manage all your recurring bills with different vendors and service providers without missing any payments. You can set up payment for your Internet, phone, House/Office Rent, Insurance premium, and more.

Credit Focus provides credible and trusted information that would assist our clients in improving their credit and also assist with selecting tested tools that would assist them in achieving their desired credit status.

Express Payday™ provides you with instant access to cash to meet your urgent and immediate needs. Simply apply online, and once approved you can sign the loan document and the funds are instantly deposited into your bank account. 


Rick D Smith

Rick Smith is President of NewsUSA, which he founded in 1987 after starting and selling NewsCanada. Since 1980, he and his teams have been helping clients garner massive amounts of media placements. NewsUSA serves most Fortune 500 companies, the top 50 PR Firms, more than 1,000 National Trade and Professional Associations and Charities and many Government Agencies.

He is the senior advisor to Express Canada.

Rick D Smith
Olusegun (Shalom) Adebiyi

Olusegun (Shalom) Adebiyi

Shalom is a professional accountant with background in creative accounting, process improvements and finance. He is the developer of BSSI™, a business solution tool that assists business owners and entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business model and institutionalisation. He has also partnered with other professionals to build thinking platforms for corporations and governments around the world.

He is a member of Rotary International and the President and Chief Executive of Express Canada, a company of JSC Global.



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