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A Better Way to Manage BILLS


Save More Paying Your Bills

Paying bills take cash out of you. With XBP International, you save cash paying your bill. If that surprises you, CLICK HERE to find out

Reconcile account with ease with service providers

Reconciling bill accounts with service providers is one great task many individuals and small business owners wish they could avoid. XBP International has provided you with a tool to reconcile the bill payments with ease.

Manage your cash with ease

Knowing how much money you need to part with at any point in time is one great way to stay on top of your finances. One of the remarkable feature of XBP International is the cashflow plan tool. TRY IT NOW »


xbp.today Never miss payment again

Never Miss Bill Payments Again

Research has shown that busy schedule is one of the reasons for missing bill payments. XBP International allows you to set reminders that notify you about bill payments. In addition, Cashflow Plan tool allows you to plan for the funds required to meet your bill payments

xbp.today Protect your credit card

Protect Your Credit Cards

Paying bills with credit cards have been identified as one of the causes of credit bruise due to accidental and unnecessary charges on your credit cards by your service providers. Now you don’t need your credit cards for your bill payments once you SIGN UP for XBP International

xbp.today Improve your credits

Improve Your Credits

Individual credit score is key to financial freedom. Regular bill payments improve credit score and future access to credit facilities.

xbp-today Avoid late penalty and fees

Avoid Late Penalty & Fees

XBP International’s key features allows you to stay on top of bill payment, hence you avoid late penalty and other fees charged by banks and service providers.

Over 2200 media cant be wrong about XBP International

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Hear What Some of Our Users Have to Say

“Wow! You guys rock! I had everything set up and working in a matter of minutes and was able to plan for a bill I didn't have money for. THANKS! ”

“As a small business owner, managing my cash flow is important because some months there is plenty and others not so much. Knowing that my bills are automatically scheduled allows me to focus on building my business.”



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